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Atlantic Solicitors has a strong following built on reputation and word of mouth. We are a niche firm and our strength is in the personal service that we deliver to our clients at all times. Employment law is a complex, fast moving field.

We offer specialist advice of the highest calibre; a top quality bespoke service to meet your individual or company needs.

We treat all aspects of litigation with sensitivity.

We ensure that everyone we represent receives both consideration and the best legal representation.

We have a very high success rate.

We recognise that early dispute resolution of matters is in the interests of all concerned, both from a personal and financial viewpoint, and where possible we will help you to achieve this.

If you are experiencing problems at work or are not clear about your legal rights, then we can advise about:

Unfair Dismissal


Discrimination on grounds of Sex, Race, Disability, Religion & Belief, Sexual Orientation and Age

Changes to Terms & Conditions of your Contract of Employment

Harassment / Bullying at Work

Holiday / Long Hours / Sick Pay Rights

Maternity Rights

Minimum Wage

We have negotiated quick and amicable solutions for many of our clients. Where this is not possible, we can represent you in the Employment Tribunal, Employment Appeal Tribunal and Court of Appeal.

We find that many cases eventually settle no matter how far apart the parties are at the beginning. When this doesn’t happen, we can arrange representation either by one of our in-house advocates or by a barrister best suited to deal with your case. If you are unable to pay for representation, we can refer your case to the Free Representation Unit.

Our solicitors can advise in respect of Compromise Agreements. Your employer will usually pay for this.

We can advise and assist with:

Drafting contracts, staff handbooks, policies and procedures.

Drafting directors' service contracts.

Advice and assistance with disciplinary and grievance procedures.

Training key employees, managers and HR.

Advice on injunctive relief, restrictive covenants and anti competition clauses.

Negotiation of settlements with employees and Compromise Agreements.

Representation in the Employment Tribunal, High Court, Employment Appeal Tribunal and above.

We bring our expertise from representation in the Employment Tribunal to advise our employer clients on how to avoid such claims. We give practical step by step advice as to how to deal with employee issues in such a way as to limit liability. Our contracts, policies and procedures are tailored to your business, not “off the shelf.

Sometimes claims are inevitable. When they are, we look at the best and most cost-effective way to defend them. If it is not possible to reach agreement with your employee, we can arrange representation either by one of our in-house advocates or by a barrister best suited to deal with your case.

There are deadlines for making a claim for unfair dismissal and because of this, it is crucial to seek expert legal advice as soon as possible if you feel you have a claim for unfair dismissal.

A complaint for unfair dismissal must be presented to an Employment Tribunal within three months from the effective date of the termination of employment.

Under the Employment Rights Act 1996, claimants must also prove they were:


Employed by the employer under a contract of employment

Employed for the necessary qualifying period (in most cases).

Under the Employment Rights Act, the qualifying period for employment claims for those whose period of continuous employment began on or after 6 April 2012, is two years.

In some cases, however, no qualifying period is necessary to bring a claim for unfair dismissal if reasons for dismissal were automatically unfair. This might include issues relating to TUPE when a company is transferred – or if changes are made to an employment contract without consulting the employee(s) or their representative, such as a staff association or Trade Union rep.

Being dismissed because of reasons under the Equality Act 2010 (age, sex, sexuality, pregnancy, disability, religion) would also constitute unfair dismissal.

Our employment lawyers act on behalf of claimants and respondents in all Employment Tribunal related matters, including claims for unfair dismissal.

Our employment team can represent all types of employers, both large and small – as well as individual employees and collective employees – in matters relating to the Employment Rights Act 1996 and claims for unfair dismissal or defending claims for unfair dismissal.

If you have a problem with employment and wish to make a claim for unfair dismissal it is important to take legal advice and find out what your rights are as soon as possible.

Claims for unfair dismissal have to be presented to an Employment Tribunal within three months from the date of termination of employment.

However, we can offer clear legal advice on employment law at any stage of an employment matter or claim for unfair dismissal.

Service Fees

We operate a transparent fee scale – and can offer a range of competitively priced funding options for claimants and respondents:


Damage based fee.

Contingency fee.

Insurance funded cases.

Some cases can also be funded with Home Contents Insurance or Contents/Buildings Insurance, which has additional Employment Protection Cover. We will advise on the best funding option at the initial client meeting

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